So, What Exactly is Branding for the Built Environment™?


Our core purpose — educating, leading and impacting the intersection of where brand meets place. A mastery of design thinking, brand strategy and design focus we’ve coined, Branding for the Built Environment™.

At Nimble., we believe a brand exists at the intersection of what you say about yourself, how you act, what you sell and what people think of you. A brand is so much more than a set of visuals. It’s a reputation propelled by human emotion and experience with the power to shape an authentic place that tells an original story. With this definition of brand in mind, we view Branding for the Built Environment™ as the opportunity to create a place that delivers an experience parallel to the culture, pace and values of its people.

Since our founding four years ago, we wrote down a list of three core values that would ultimately anchor every decision we made as a growing start-up and continue to make as a scaling studio. These values – to be passionate about our product, meticulous about our craft and wholly dedicated to remaining a strategic right hand (to our clients and one another) – have truly pushed us through the trials of being a young studio in a thriving market (juxtaposed against our Founder’s start in the CRE industry during the height of the recession).

They’ve also led us to anchor our purpose — a purpose that drives us to think bigger, push harder and continuously reset the industry benchmark. Purpose is a powerful motivator — it’s also a key differentiator.

So, how does Branding for the Built Environment™ impact?

It’s a unique methodology that continuously produces value-add impact for our clients and their portfolios.

01. It Textures A Brand Experience—

It’s the restaurateurs job to illicit a feeling in the guests. And at the most basic level we do that through food and service, but there is an entire palette of things that can influence that feeling outside of just the food and just the service. So what I looked for from Nimble. was the ability to texture our experience such that our brand was represented and that feeling was evoked at as many points as possible. If I put the food down in front of you on a white plate — well that’s all well and good, but it’s just the food on a white plate. What we were able to do was say ‘ok well it’s a tray and it’s got a liner with our stamp on it and it’s got a pick with our logo on it so now we’re connecting our brand directly with our product.
— Ryan Pernice, Owner and Operator, Coalition Food and Beverage

02. It Changes Perception and Sets a New Standard— 

No matter the project [scale or location], our continued partnership with Nimble. has allowed our team at TPA Group to take buildings with an existing, sometimes negative perception in the market and rebrand / relaunch in a way that gives our audiences a fresh perspective — taking a building that people recognize but don’t even have on their tour list to one that undoubtably merits a ‘first look’. For us, Branding For The Built Environment™ absolutely sets a new standard — whether it’s physical signage or virtual reality (or both).
— Crawford Arnold, Director, TPA Group

03. It Improves the User Journey—

The goal with Piedmont Center was to join disconnected buildings into a united campus anchoring Buckhead’s tech corridor and providing a sense of community for our current and future tenants. For this project, Branding for the Built Environment™ meant designing signage to improve the user journey from arrival to departure. Partnering with Nimble. enables us to seek out innovative ideas backed by solid strategies that continue to push the envelope when it comes to improving properties with strong established reputations.
— Mike Guynn, Managing Director, The Ardent Companies

This is the first edition of our series, Nimble. on Record. Thank you for reading!

Interested in learning more about Branding for the Built Environment™ and how it can influence perception and awareness of your next project? We’d love to hear from you.

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Maria Royal