Nimble. was founded on heart and an undeterred drive to connect brand and place. Home to remarkable people from all walks of life, we are brand designers and strategists, interior designers and account managers. We hire talented people and offer diverse career paths that encourage both personal and professional development so we can all grow our own way.

We pride ourselves on allowing the design process to serve as our guide, so we’re always on the lookout for intelligent thinkers to add value to this tight-knit team.

Key Characteristics of a Nimbler. –


Eager Student
We’re looking for people who aren’t afraid to ask questions, dive right in to problem solving (no matter the task) and are eager to help, especially in areas outside your comfort zone. Get ready to learn daily and do your own homework.

 Natural Team Player
Critical to success on this team, we look for people who understand the importance of the design process in giving and receiving feedback, admiring open-mindedness, prioritizing listening and taking pride in team accomplishments. 

Embraces Change
Get ready to work hard, adapt quickly and continuously reset benchmarks as projects ebb and flow with changing client/team/daily needs. We admire grit and sheer determination because it shapes people who don’t give up easily.

Diverse Perspective
We look for people who bring unique experiences and stories to the table to inspire personal growth and professional development.

Humble and Kind
Not only are humble people natural collaborators and quick learners, they are also more likely to treat everyone with a standard level of respect and are excited to learn from peers.

Great work depends on great people, and we’re looking for like-minded individuals to join our growing team. Up for a new challenge?