On Giving Back with Good Four


A note from our founder—


When I first learned of Good Four (from a fellow creative on Instagram), I immediately signed us up. Why — quite simply, we needed it. We all need it. Pure and genuine acts that reaffirm that we are all here for a purpose — to pursue goodness, daily.

Giving back is inherent to being human, but in a world of non-stop ‘go’ — with responsibilities that continually build, commitments that without fail overlap, and a social culture that pressures ‘polished over present’ — it’s so insanely easy to feel hostage to time. We all feel it. Time — slipping away.

I’m more than guilty of it — protecting my time fiercely — giving it first and frequently to our clients, our projects, my team, to my son and husband. Deflecting time from friends or social opportunities, from church, from self-care.

I saw Good Four as a much needed rallying cry. Let’s do good, together, in and for our community — and let’s put our full hearts and minds into it. Allocating our collective time to help others on Good Four was an incredibly simple act and one we must all be more intentional about partaking in.


What we did

Good Four is ‘a national movement for good — where participating brands and organizations across the country are encouraged to give their employees four hours of paid on-the-clock time to volunteer and give back to their communities.’ Want to learn more about it? Ask Kristen Bell.

When we did it


On Wednesday, April 4, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. — AKA on 4/4 for 4 hours!

Where we did it

This year, Nimble.’s first annual Good Four initiative led us to Piedmont Park where we joined forces with the Park Conservancy’s Green Team to support Atlanta’s premier green space. Since volunteers are critical to the success of ongoing preservation and restoration efforts, we dedicated four hours of our workday to pitching in and getting our hands dirty in an unanimous effort to enhance and transform ATL’s favorite park.

Why we did it

As the Good Four puts it — 

“Together we can inspire a culture of service that moves beyond a single day and creates real, sustainable change in ourselves and in our communities.” 

To us, it means

Contributing intentional time.

It’s important to step back from always pushing toward that next deadline to remember that there’s more to life than tasks on a list. Good Four provided the perfect opportunity for us to grow together as a team while supporting our community in a meaningful way.

Stepping back from the next deadline.

One of the many great things about living and working in ATL is the fact that we have a park with over 140 acres in the midst of the city — so it was good to contribute a little time and lend a hand keeping the park clean and pristine. We were a part of good four to give back to our community.


In Close—

Time is our most precious resource and we are in control of it [despite our best efforts to deflect and defend our use of it]. As we enter this season of giving I encourage you to reflect widely and give openly.

Allocate just a bit of your time to doing good and challenge your co-workers to join you. Or better yet, join us! We would genuinely love to spend spirited time alongside you.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

Candice Riley Campbell
Founder + Creative Director
Nimble. A Design Consultancy

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