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Coalition Food and Beverage is an expressive, chef-driven restaurant serving up American cuisine and craft cocktails in Downtown Alpharetta. With construction underway, R.O. Hospitality partnered with Nimble. to develop an urban restaurant brand that “leaves the suburban backyard grill behind.”

Designing a custom word mark and an industrial palette, we built a flexible system for Coalition complete with playful secondary stamp marks for added versatility. From custom type design and modern pairings to stylized photography, we created an arsenal to serve various marketing needs. Through custom website design and development management, we built a platform with coded reservation and gift card processing capabilities. Progressing physical brand extensions, we designed adult and kid’s menus, matchbooks, comment cards, coasters and to-go cups. With environmental graphics and interior signage ready to go, Nimble. continued to work as an active right hand to the Coalition team through their grand opening soirée and beyond.


Team Credits


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Brand Tangibles


Signage Design and Environmental Graphics


 A Few Kind Words

“It’s the restaurateurs job to illicit a feeling in the guests. And at the most basic level we do that through food and service, but there is an entire palette of things that can influence that feeling outside of just the food and just the service. So what I looked for from Nimble. was the ability to texture our experience such that our brand was represented and that feeling was evoked at as many points as possible. If I put the food down in front of you on a white plate — well that’s all well and good, but it’s just the food on a white plate. What we were able to do was say ‘ok well it’s a tray and it’s got a liner with our stamp on it and it’s got a pick with our logo on it so now we’re connecting our brand directly with our product.”

— Ryan Pernice, Owner and Operator, Coalition Food and Beverage

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Scope Inclusion

Brand Development – Brand Voice Development, Visual Identity Development, Brand Messaging Development

Brand Tangibles – incl. menu design, coasters, matchbooks, drink ware, check presenters, recipe cards, business stationery and more

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Signage Design and Wayfinding Consulting

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