On Building Momentum Through 3Q | Part Two

Take a peek into Branding for the Built Environment™ from pre-acquisition consulting through present date
for a celebrated client, KBS, on behalf of Dunwoody-based Crown Pointe.

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Crown Pointe  |  Central Perimeter

2016-2018 (active) | KBS



Crown Pointe is a two building Class A office campus located in the heart of Atlanta’s Central Perimeter submarket. Acquired by KBS in late 2016, Crown Pointe is now currently undergoing phase two of dramatic interior and exterior modernization efforts. With the objective of improving property conditions and perception through strategic capital and steadfast marketing, KBS partnered with Nimble. to develop an identifiable, confident brand that would stand out in a competitive landscape.

We first kicked off our engagement with brand development, aimed at building a meaningful, distinctive personality for the project. The crafted identity system is both clean and easily recognized, relying on a range of neutrals to evoke varied reactions, dependent on the application and specified user. The accent colors (two vibrant blues) work together to both balance an otherwise reserved palette and draw subtle distinction between the 1040 and 1050 buildings.

We also worked with the leasing and management teams to concrete Crown Pointe's unique value proposition so we could craft compelling messaging to educate tenants and prospects on the unparalleled value of belonging at Crown Pointe vs. competing projects.



With a new, flexible identity system, established brand voice, and enhanced story line to communicate the dramatic renovation efforts soon to be underway, it was time to bring the Crown Pointe story to life. Working towards a 'Launch to Market' campaign, we began developing content and creative to establish consistency and clarity across marketing channels. We oversaw the production of immersive spec suite tours to enable prospective tenants to virtually tour planned spec suites prior to construction start. We designed and launched a robust website to showcase Crown Pointe’s forward-looking vision and leasing opportunities in the digital space. And when it came time to formally launch the crafted brand to the market, we developed a 5-part e-blast series to promote concise 'why' points to anchor Crown Pointe's differentiating value and active opportunities to the market.



Parallel to brand development, the Nimble. team provided full-scope interiors consulting to ensure brand consistency and connected details from pre-acquisition through spatial debut. We supported design and creative direction of the 1040 lobby renovation, 1050 tenant lounge refresh, 1050 fitness center modernization, 1050 + 1040 spec suite programming, and property management office upgrade, and are actively working on design oversight of the 1050 lobby renovation, including FF&E specification and custom artwork commission.

From lobby renovation to amenity activation, spec suite programming to the orchestration of intentional FF&E/finishings details, Nimble.’s role remains to holistically connect the physical details that create distinction in user experience and move the needle in anchoring positive memory points for every Crown Pointe tenant, prospect, and guest.

In addition to leading the connect of brand + place inside the building footprint, Nimble. also designed and consulted on the full coordination of new and expanded campus signage and wayfinding – including the design of a complex monument sign, campus vehicular and pedestrian directionals, building mounted ID's, parking entrance signage, the development of full interior garage signage and wayfinding (2 decks), established interior sign standards, and fitness center environmental graphics.  

Explore excerpts of our involvement and a sampling of completion photography below.
All professional interior post-renovation photos are credited to: Katie Bricker Photography.




It's been a labor of love and persistence by our full team over the past 18 months and we're so thrilled the [tenant, CRE, and outward surrounding] community is now able to physically see the brand promise we've touted since inception unfold.

There’s something so incredibly special about seeing our work come to life in the built environment. It’s a feeling of pride and humility that our work is making an impact [for the broader community]. In knowing that the investment KBS made by selecting us as their design partner is not only returned by quality work and undeterred customer service, but by enhanced user experience and improved brand perception. It’s an investment with both lasting value and immediate impact.
— Candice Riley Campbell, Founder + CD, Nimble.



With long-term campaigns like Crown Pointe, open communication and active collaboration between our full team and all counterparts of the extended project team is critical to ensuring project success.

Nimble. takes a unique approach to seamlessly integrate all aspects of branding and marketing.  They design an experience that starts long before you pull into the parking deck or walk into the lobby and extends through every point of interaction from garage directionals to spec suites. Nimble.’s attention to detail and innovative ideas make it possible to market and promote our vision in a holistic and interactive way before beginning construction. Thanks to our partnership, the leasing team has more time to focus on closing deals and we’ve pre-leased more than half of the [1050, 7th floor] spec suites before completing construction.
— PMRG | Leasing and Management TeamS



  • Building Owner/Client: KBS

  • Leasing and Management Teams: PMRG

  • Renovation Architect/Design Firm: NELSON


This is the second edition of our new series, Nimble. on Record. Thank you for reading!

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