2016 in Review

Production photo of our 2016 Milestone Print  I   Request One

Production photo of our 2016 Milestone Print I Request One


2016 was a year of tremendous firsts, leaps, and growth for Nimble. Design Co. We entered January on a high, ready to kick off our second year with a dedicated team and a roster of ongoing projects to keep us busy (and traveling!). 

We’re now ending December with full hearts and a true gratefulness for another year of opportunity. The opportunity to make mistakes, grow from them, teach others, and endlessly pursue a strengthened intersection of brand and place for all to experience.

From the tip of our pens, to the very bottom of our hearts, thank you for entrusting Nimble. as your creative resource.

So, What have we been up to this year?

Focusing on talent and services.

We grew our full-time team to include 4 designers and strategists, and further, diversified our external collaborating partner count to include 5 rotating experts in the fields of PR, copywriting, web development, and interior design. All to provide a higher level of talent and service to you.

Building our client mix.

We added a grateful mix of new clients spanning the commercial real estate and hospitality sector, including Portman Holdings, Stockbridge Capital, KBS, Mainstreet Capital Partners, and R.O. Hospitality. So thankful to work with each of you.

Spreading our reach, but growing back home.

We secured new projects in Minneapolis, Raleigh, and Houston; and also proudly welcomed some key accounts here in Atlanta, including Coda, Carriage Works, Lenox Park, Overlook II/III, and Northridge Commons.

Orchestrating connected details.

We designed for 35 commercial real estate repositioning projects, many of which, we celebrated our one year anniversary with. Working from the on-set of an acquisition through project sale as a trusted advisor and endless design right hand, continues to drive our growth and our expertise in the industry. From our travels, we grow deeper in our knowledge of market and design trends, and stronger in our approach for each new engagement.

Bringing new concept brands to life.

We proudly partnered with three fellow entrepreneurs to bring their business concept brands to life, including Coalition Food and Beverage.

Launching digital experiences.

We launched 8 new websites, including TowerRealtyPartners.com and RoswellArtsFund.org. Several more websites are slated for launch in 1Q.

Running on coffee.

We traveled over 6,500 miles for new projects and legacy projects across 8 states (finally adopting TSA pre-check).

Always on the move.

We moved into a dedicated studio space at an international co-working concept; we’re enjoying this experience and looking forward to selecting a permanent studio home in 2017.

Bridging the gap from branding to the built environment.

We contributed to the interiors direction of 8, multi-million dollar renovations in several markets, including 250 East Fifth (Cincinnati, OH), and Lakeside (Sandy Springs, GA).

Giving back.

We invested over 100 hours into pro-bono non-profit work for select local organizations, including ArtAround Roswell.

Looking ahead...

We love resolutions. And goal setting. ... So, what’s next in 2017?

We’re growing our reach in hospitality.

On our bucket list in 2017 - a boutique hotel concept, more new restaurant concepts, and a [shipping] container concept. We hope to grow relationships here in the Southeast, including Savannah and Charleston. Have a connection we should speak with? Please let us know! 

We’re doing more here in Atlanta. 

Historically, our work has been majority out-of-state, as we support our CRE clients with their national portfolio. In Q3-Q4, we’ve been blessed with more local projects. This is very exciting as it allows us to form stronger relationships with our work and supporting team(s). We’re dedicated to finding more opportunities to help shape communities and workplaces locally in 2017.

We're ready to serve you.

We’ve made a commitment to grow with our clients and have held that value since the very beginning.

Candice C